The shopping portal has been discontinued as the amount raised become not worth the maintenance effort. The increasing use of apps to bypass websites and the extra provisions around privacy and the impact that has had on tracking, it was an idea which has had it time. There is discussion of this in the webmaster's entries in the Parish Magazine, historic copies of which can be download by following the link on the main Church page. Note that we've kept a link to Amazon going which can be found on the fund raising page. Clicking on this link prior to shopping at Amazon will pay the Church a commission.

Year Amount £  
2020 87*  
2019 150  
2018 402  
2017 650  
2016 800  
2015 668  
2014 1,202  
2013 1,365  
2012 834  
2011 1,254  
2010 1,535  
2009 1,164  
2008 951  

Records before 2008 have not been collated!

* To November 2020 when the shopping portal was terminated.

It's historical. The hosting costs at the ISP through which the .com domain was registered became uncompetitive. Rather than transfer the .com domain, it was cheaper to register the new .info domain with another ISP and use that for hosting the website.

The .com domain is still held at the original ISP and simply forwarded to the .info domain and website.

The three different styles reflect three different phases of the website. There is the original style developed in 2003, the intermediate style was introduced in 2006 and then the current style (2015) which is based on a commercial template.

This new style is fully 'responsive' which means that it will work across all devices and the screen will shrink to optimise display on the accessing device.

Who runs this site?

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