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  • Please do come along and join in. The fund raising events are purely social in nature and are a great way to meet other members of the community.
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Events we've had this year

    Call my Bluff wine tasting

    The annual 'Call my Bluff wine tasting' was held on Friday 13th September 2019.

    Call my bluff wine Tasting is designed to be fun wine tasting evening which requires absolutely no knowledge of the subject but does require a sense of humour.

    A total of 6 wines in masked bottles are tasted - each of which have 3 descriptions read with varying degrees of accuracy - and teams have to use their skill and judgment (or just guess) which description was the real one. Needless to say, as the hour gets later the guesses become wilder!

    There is also a wine related multiple 'guess work' quizz to complete the evening.

    I've only just got around to updating this (Jan 2021) so have no recollection of the number of people present, how much was raised or the winning score. Normally there are around 40 - 50 people, the winning score is under 20 (out of 40) and the evening raises around £350 - suspect it was the same in 2019!

    Village Fete

    The annual village fete was on Saturday 8th June and, for a change, the weather was kind in that it was dry but it was extremely windy! The build team were concerned that the marquees may end up in Chepstow if the sides were on and this, unfortunately, meant some stalls were unable to exhibit!

    Matthew Sims, the Headmaster of Chepstow Comprehensive school, officially opened the fete after a parade of sports cars, led by drummers, ferried the carnival Queen and King and other dignitaries through the village to the fete.

    It's always a great day out for the whole family. There were a full range of traditional fete activities such as the bottle store, tent, Pimms tent, the cake tent, the tea & cake room, the plant store, skittles, welly wanging, splat the rat, the coconut shy, tug-of-war (see the videos - linked below), pony rides, alpacas, ice creams and lots more stuff for the kids! Burgers were consumed, bottles of wine won, ballons lost and a good day out had by all.

    This year the Dog Show proved as popular as ever. Annually classes include: Best Child Handler (Primary School and Secondary School); Most Handsome Dog; Prettiest Bitch; Waggiest tail; Most appealing eyes; Best 6 legs (legs include the owner!); Dog most like its owner with an additional prize for the best dressed; Dog the judge (John Montague) would most like to take home; Best in show. Unfortuantely it appears records are not kept as to whether there are any repeat winners!

    This year the sheep race once again featured older sheep (yearlings) and, again, proved very popular. Details on the race, the individual sheep sponsors, sheep names and the video are below.

    A very respectable total profit of £5,355 was made. This profit was in part thanks to the generous sponsorship from the following:


    Hicks Logistics Limited

    Honey Badger Construction

    Select Security Specialists

    Fine & Country

    Archway Veterinary Centre

    In addition, our thanks to all who donated raffle prizes. Our thanks to all, named and unnamed, for their generous support.

    The Sheep Race (the Woolly Jumper Stakes) was,as usual, set out in U shaped course with two races this year, the 3:00pm and 4:15pm. A race requires a beginning and end and the participants to have a desire to reach the end in as short a time as possible. The sheep had no such desire and were somewhat uncooperative! The 3:00pm was eventually won by 'Bob Bob Bobbin' (Yellow neck band) sponsored by J & B Sewing Machines/Robert & Angela Miller. The 4:15 was won by Lady Ba Ba Ba Ba (Orange neck band) sponsored by Vince and Julia Oliva. The complete list of runners, with their respective sponsors, is below. Our thanks to them. The YouTube video (click here to it in YouTube in a new tab.) is well worth viewing!

    Sheep Sponsor Neck Band
    Roger The Rolls Mark & Joanne Tomlins Blue  
    Bob Bob Bobbin J & B Sewing Machines/
    Robert & Angela Miller
    Lady Ba Ba Ba Ba Vince & Julia Oliva Orange  
    Sheepy McSheepFace David & Kha Koon Cornwell Green  
    Will.i.lamb Dilwyn & Mair Howells Purple  
    Woolly Thinker Bill Clark Pink  

    2019 Fete photos - cick here to open the album in a new tab.

    The fete sheep race video - cick here to it in YouTube in a new tab.

    The fete parade - cick here to watch it on YouTube in a new tab.

    The tug-of-war videos - cick here to watch it on YouTube in a new tab.

    The fete is a massive undertaking every year and couldn't be held without the hard endeavour of numerous people. Our thanks to all involved.

    Other Fund Raising

    In 2019 Church led fund raising events raised money for other charities as follows:

    Beneficiary Amount £
    Unicef 519  
    Christian Aid 610  
    Compassion UK 447  
    Childrens Society 385  
    Médecins sans Frontières 173  
    Total 2,314  
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